starts September 19th 2020

‘Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.’ - Isaiah 60:1

Worldwide the hearts of worshipers of all generations, denomination and cultures come together to publically worship God together on the same day.

So that God’s splendor can be heard, seen and experienced.

This worship outreach day is meant to encourage and support Christians all over the world to worship God in public and in doing so to spread the gospel.



We facilitate and support Christians who want to make known the gospel by worshipping in public.

Our website shows where worshipers have organized which activities during the worship outreach day.
Become part of a new and worldwide movement!

Connect with other worshipers of your town or area organizing a worship outreach event for September 9th 2020 with the resources you have.

Whether you pray and worship alone, with a friend or with a whole group in a public space such as a pedestrian zone or in front of a shopping mall.

Just do it the way you can do it best!



You are looking for other people who participate? You need organizational support for your own event? You are well-connected and want to network as regional contact to connect other worshipers?

Sign up in on the WOD Map!

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